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At RealCrowd our mission is to connect online investors to professionally managed commercial real estate.

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It all starts with a great team

Built by real estate experts in combination with the best talent found only in Silicon Valley, RealCrowd is the most efficient way to invest in professionally managed commercial real estate.


Adam - RealCrowd CEO

Adam - CEO

Having founded two national platforms for brokerage, consulting and joint venture equity investments, Adam has worked on over $1 billion of real estate transactions with a wide spectrum of real estate professionals, sponsors, lenders, investors, developers and institutional clients. His experience led him to conclude that current real estate practices are rife with inefficiencies and in need of a major technological overhaul. As CEO, he leads the day-to-day charge of growing the platform and ensuring its position as the premier solution in the industry.

JD - RealCrowd CTO


Led a VC-backed technology team which developed five social games in a single year, with users scaling up to over 10 million. At RealCrowd, JD does a little bit of everything whether that’s devising a business model, hacking away at some code or planning server infrastructure.

Andy - RealCrowd VP of Engineering

Andy - VP of Engineering

Andy has spent his career developing secure software solutions with focus on intuitive user interfaces for several companies including multiple government agencies. His experience as a full-stack engineer enable RealCrowd to focus on delivering a secure and pleasant user experience.

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Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Palo Alto, the RealCrowd office is home to innovation, hard work and world famous Friday afternoon BBQs.

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