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Why Real Estate?

Real estate investors make money through rental income, appreciation, and profits generated by business activities that depend on the property. The benefits of investing in real estate include passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage.
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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or newcomer, start your journey to a well diversified investment portfolio by adding direct real estate that fits your investment profile.
Invest in professionally managed real estate without the hassle
Access passive investment opportunities offered by professional real estate managers, unlocking the benefits of ownership without the headaches
Select from a wide menu of investment profiles and strategies
The marketplace brings opportunities to invest in individual assets and pooled real estate funds located around the country, unlocking access to investments that fit your goals
Invest smarter to reach your goals
We provide industry leading educational materials and coursework to help you understand the fundamentals of real estate investing, so you can reach your investing goals!
Build direct relationships with real investors
Actively market and reach our network of over 20,000 investors interested in direct real estate syndications
Leverage our platform to do more deals
Spend less time worrying about the process of raising capital and more time focusing on what matters the most - maximizing the value of your real estate assets and doing more deals!
Raise capital on your terms
Structure the investment terms of the offering based on what makes the most sense for the deal, not what an institutional investor requires you to. Raise the right capital for the right deal rather than fitting the deal to the capital.
For real estate sponsors

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Leverage the latest in technology and innovation to expand your reach to direct investors by raising equity capital online. No more need to limit your partners to fussy institutional investors, go direct to the source.
For Advisors
ReAllocate, a RealCrowd company, is our Registered Investment Advisor platform where we help RIA’s provide their clients with access to direct real estate investments on a risk-first basis.
We believe real estate Starts with Risk
Our industry first methodology to quantify the risk inherent to every investment we recommend allows us to build a client-specific portfolio of appropriate risk in direct real estate investments
Build better client portfolios
By adding direct private real estate investments, you can help your clients better achieve their goals, truly diversify their holdings, smooth out market volatility and help them sleep better at night
Stand out from the pack
Offering unique investment strategies, specifically tailored to your clients goals, is a great way to win new business, access held away assets and grow your AUM

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“I was so excited to finally find a marketplace for commercial real estate that allows me to diversify my portfolio into an area normally out of reach for the average investor like myself.”
Rob W.
Branch manager, Benchmark Mortgage
“I again want to reach out and thank you for your platform. The fact that I can read all the PPMs and listen to excellent podcasts has been fantastic for educating me in this space. Thank you for the time you spend reaching out to the investors.”
Kevin D.
broker, Synergy commercial advisors
”RealCrowd enables the investor to invest directly with the sponsor instead of the platform being the middleman and by doing so increase efficiency and ultimately returns.”
Rafi Z.
Engineering Manager,
US Dept of defense
“RealCrowd allows me to participate in higher cash flow investments and diversify my portfolio with a few clicks of a button. They’ve made investing in real estate fun.”
Sven G.
mattel, inc.

Why Real Crowd?

At RealCrowd, we’re focused on building the best real estate investment experience for you. Founded by a team of real estate professionals and technology experts, we want to level the playing field for you to have the same access to building wealth as the world’s largest professional investors.


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