You've heard of real estate crowdfunding, let's talk about intelligent investing

Build relationships with commercial real estate companies and invest directly in their investment opportunities.

If you are completely new to real estate crowdfunding or if you would like a quick refresher on the basics, a good place to start would be our eBook: CRE 101 - Introduction To Commercial Real Estate Investing.

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What is RealCrowd?

RealCrowd is for serious investors.

Our mission is to transform the real estate crowdfunding industry by giving investors the same direct and free access to commercial real estate that institutions, pension funds & university endowments have always had. Why?

Because we believe commercial real estate offers benefits to investors that no other investment class can.

RealCrowd is about creating direct relationships. We are not a middleman.

We don't get in the way of the relationship, yes we provide the magic in the middle, but it's all about connecting YOU, the investor, direct to the real estate professionals. If you are looking for a real estate crowdfunding platform that acts as hedge fund and puts a wall between you and the sponsor, please visit our competitors.

Our simplified approach, by not getting involved in the middle, allows capital to more efficiently flow to your bank account.

RealCrowd is NOT equity of last resort.

The opportunities on RealCrowd are from real estate companies that do not need your investment to close on their offerings. Companies use real estate crowdfunding on RealCrowd because they want to build a network of online accredited investors and form long term relationships.

RealCrowd is for established real estate companies.

Every real estate company on RealCrowd must have at least 10 years of principal-level experience and at least $50 million in transactional history as principals. At the time of this writing, real estate companies currently listing on RealCrowd average about $645m in transactional history and 24 years of existence.

RealCrowd is for commercial real estate investments. We are NOT in the single-family home or house flipping business.

The average individual deal-size for an investment opportunity on RealCrowd is just under $30 million while funds have ranged in size from $15 million to $150 million.

The offerings found on RealCrowd will come in form of the highest income producing assets: office, retail, multi-family and industrial. Some real estate companies even package their investments in the form of a fund to allow investors to more easily diversify.

RealCrowd is a champion for risk-adjusted returns.

The investments found on RealCrowd will be diversified across the four main investment types: Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic. Each investment type carries with it a unique set of risks & rewards.

Risk Profiles of Different Commercial Real Estate Investments

To better understand your risk profile, download our eBook:
CRE 201 - Start With Risk

From Investors

Rafi Zakian RealCrowd Investor

"RealCrowd enables the investor to invest directly with the sponsor instead of the platform being the middleman and by doing so increase efficiency and ultimately returns."

Rob Weinberg RealCrowd Investor

"I was so excited to finally find a marketplace for commercial real estate that allows me to diversify my portfolio into an area normally out of reach for the average investor like myself."

Sven Gerjets RealCrowd Investor

"RealCrowd allows me to participate in higher cash flow investments and diversify my portfolio with a few clicks of a button. They’ve made investing in real estate fun."

Great, How do I get started?

There is no cooling off period, investors can create a RealCrowd account today and invest in the same day.

Often, before looking into investment opportunities, newer investors like to first get further acquainted with RealCrowd and the real estate companies on our platform. A great place to start is by emailing me, Tyler Stewart, head of investor relations at to request a phone call.

To get to know some of the real estate companies on RealCrowd, investors will often circle two or three offerings that seem interesting on the surface and then reach out to managing members of the real estate company to discuss in greater detail. Direct contact information can be found on each of the offering pages.

How Do I Invest?

To show a real estate company that you’re interested in their offering and to initiate the investment process simply click “Apply To Invest” on an offering page. Once you click “Apply To Invest” there are four steps (listed below) to close an investment.

Step 1 Create An Investor Profile

Investor profiles are used to certify the accreditation of the investor and to pre-fill the real estate company’s subscription documents

Step 2 Certify Accreditation

We partnered with our friends at to securely automate certification at no cost to investors. Once your investor profile is selected you will be directed to go through the process.

Step 3 Review & Sign Documents

After your accreditation is certified, the subscription documents will be sent to your inbox for review & signature. Once the documents are executed, they will be made available in your online portfolio.

Step 4 Fund

Once the subscription documents are executed, the real estate company will send the funding instructions directly to you and you will fund directly into their account.

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